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nutty apple crisp recipe easy classic

Do y’all remember this? I don’t know why I just said “y’all”… I never say “y’all” in real life. I’m from Eastern Canada, for crying out loud. But anyway it just feels right in the moment so I’m sticking with it. Y’all may remember that I had something of a dinner disaster on my hands a ways back. Sure sure, it all turned out all right in the end. But there were some important lessons gleaned from that experience, and equipped with the determination to learn from past mistakes I set about trying my hand at another dinner party.

We selected a fresh group of ecuatorianos to dine at our casa and gave the evening a mental theme.


~ the menu ~

roasted chicken
blackberry sauce
warm potato salad
cucumber and cherry tomato salad

And for dessert? What could be more in line with simplicity (and deliciousness) than…

almond apple crisp with coconut topping recipe

apple crisp? (answer: nothing)

My husband’s favorite taste of North America, apple crisp (or apple crumble, as he calls it) is probably one of the most down-to-earth and comforting desserts out there. Being as I am one who more often than not will avoid delicate pastries in favor of more adaptable desserts, (that is to say I avoid making them. I certainly do not avoid eating them. I’m all about delicate pastries in my mouth) apple crisp is an ideal dinner party dessert.

Take 2 could not have been further from the first dinner party. Everything was served family style. No courses, no fancy table settings, no white table cloth. I made the apple crisp the night before and heated it up while we ate dinner. I whisked up some whipped cream for the apple crisp, plopped it in a bowl and set it next to the crisp for people to serve themselves. No fuss. No fancy. Just good, simple food.

apple crisp recipe

9 apples (go with your favorite baking variety) peeled, cored, and thinly sliced
juice of 2 small limes
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp almond extract
1 cup brown sugar
1 heaping cup of oats
2 tbs blanched almond slivers, crushed with your hand
2 tbs dried shredded coconut
1 tsp cinnamon (extra)
75g butter at room temperature (I use salted, cause I’m just a rebel that way.)

Toss the sliced apple with lime juice and add cinnamon, vanilla and almond extract. Set aside.

In a separate mixing bowl, combine sugar, oats, crushed almond, coconut and cinnamon. Slowly add the butter, shmooshing with your fingers until delightfully clumpy. (Uh huh, shmooshing. What?)

In a deep baking pan, slide apple mixture into the pan and even out the top with a spatula. Spoon the sugar mixture and press over the top, again making sure the top is even.

If you’re oven gets very hot, 190°C (375°F) will do. If not, I’d lean towards 210°C (410°F). But keep your eye on it.

Bake for 45 minutes to an hour, until apples are tender and the top is crispy. Cover with foil until ready to eat, and serve with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

perfect comforting apple crisp recipe

Lesson learned.

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32 Responses to dinner party, take 2

  1. Crystal says:

    Love Cortland apples! What varieties are available where you are?

    • kale says:

      we’ve got all the famous ones; Gala, McIntosh, Red Delicious etc… but i find the best ones are ones i’ve tried to research (having never heard of them) but they seem to be specific to south america. wish i could ship you some, you’d have a baking frenzy! and of course we’d be stopping by frequently to sample… *sigh*

  2. Lemon says:

    Your apple crisp looks awesome.

  3. Now I always thought that a crisp was different to a crumble but I’m glad to know that it’s the same thing! 😀 It looks divine and as you say, pure comfort 😀

    • kale says:

      i’m sure it depends who you ask, but i just meant that when i make apple crisp, he calls it apple crumble. maybe he’s been trying to tell me there’s something off with the texture… hmm…

  4. What a great dinner party it sounds like you had 🙂 That apple crisp looks PERFECT!

  5. I loooove apple crisp, ya’ll! The addition of shredded coconut is too cool.

  6. Lovely combination of ingredients and all these are my fav. I love any dessert made from apples and yours is up there too.

  7. I love apple crisp too. A seasonal and delicious sweet treat.

  8. Apple crisp is something I never screw up, Mr. Rosemary loves, you really can have it year ’round and it doesn’t even need great apples to be great. A real winner.

  9. Food Stories says:

    I love no fuss, simple food and this certainly makes the grade 🙂

  10. That sounds like the perfect way to entertain, simple and relaxed is the best!

  11. Mmmmm I could do with this crisp any day 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. Donna Picard says:

    Again you did it …..make my mouth water!

  13. I want to be invited to dinner at your house. That menu sounds amazing, and apple crisp is my all time favorite treat!

  14. Too funny! I always feel like typing y’all but I never, ever say it in real life. I also use salted butter more often then not in my desserts 😉

  15. If y’all like apple crisp, have you ever heard of an apple brown betty?! 🙂

  16. Emma says:

    I find myself saying y’all way more than I’m qualified to do, being that my sayings should probably be more along the lines of ‘uff da’ and ‘oooh, yaaaa!’ So I understand;)

    So glad that Take 2 was more enjoyable and relaxing for you – that makes it winning even without this delicious crisp!

  17. Liz says:

    Oh, the thought of your apple crisp is making my mouth water. It is on the top of the list of my favorite autumn desserts…and yours looks perfect. Congrats on the perfect dinner party!!!

  18. Brittany says:

    I go CRAZY for apple crisp..SOSOSSOSOOOO GOOD!! I need to make some of this ASAP!

  19. Parsley Sage says:

    I remember the dinner party meltdown 🙂 Glad you’ve grown as a host! It’s much easier family style, for sure! And your crisp sounds absolutely heavenly!

    Oh, and this Oklahoman read this post and thought “she says ‘glean’ but not ‘y’all?”…

  20. I have learned over the years that I never regret going with simple when I have dinner parties. Every time I try to go all-out I end up in an exhausted heap at the dinner table and guzzling too much wine to try and relax. This is the perfect simple dinner menu, followed by the perfect simple dessert. Way to go!

    • kale says:

      thanks maggie! i figure there are easy ways to gussy something up for a bit of a wow-factor without destroying the simplicity for the cook. sometimes just switching up an ingredient for something different can make a dish special without making your workload heavier. i’m definitely not giving up on dinner parties! must keep the wine for the guests… mostly. 😉

  21. Christine says:

    This is quite a unique recipe for apple crisp! I love the idea of adding lime juice versus lemon, and the coconut flakes make it that much more tropical.

    I think you are being quite hard on yourself with regards to the dinner party. I wasn’t there but I’m pretty sure it was not as bad as you remember. The dessert looks quite good.

  22. cakewhiz says:

    i have used “y’all” too and i am originally from canada too…lol.
    i think it’s fun saying it coz it has a nice ring to it…heheh.

    your apple crisp recipe has come at the perfect time with Fall in full swing 🙂

  23. Such a simple recipe, so delicious. i love how it looks. I love the addition of coconut flakes.

  24. That sounds like a perfect menu and that apple crisp looks divine!

  25. cquek says:

    What an awesome post!

  26. greenthyme says:

    I love a good apple crisp in the fall. Haven’t made one yet this year. I like how you added coconut into it. That sounds like a great idea.

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