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grilled radicchio salad

pan-grilled radicchio salad with walnuts, artichoke and parmesan

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Have you ever seen Chopped? It’s not the most prestigious of culinary competitions, to be sure. Although recently it would seem the network/producers/who-knows-who-make-these-decisions read more

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easy marinated feta recipe

chilli, herb and lemon marinated feta

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I rarely make the same thing twice. This may sound like I’m bragging. I’m not. It’s a sickness. Where are all the Mental Health for Foodies Specialists these days, anyway? In the absence of such assistance, perhaps I might just lie back on the read more

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easy spicy pumpkin soup recipe

spiced pumpkin soup with pan-toasted pumpkin seeds

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One of my first jobs was a seasonal gig at The Pumpkin Patch, a local produce market slash ice cream shop. (I actually got tendonitis from too much scooping. I blame the children and the cursed bubble gum flavor.)

Anyway, my best friend worked there too and we relished read more

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vegetarian pasta

zucchini pasta with almond pesto

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Fun fact: I dabbled in pescetarianism for a time. I use the term “pescetarianism”, which sounds like a cult but actually refers to a diet that excludes turf but includes surf, because there are certain purists out there who would feel righteously indignant read more

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shrimp cocktail

poached shrimp with spicy dipping sauce

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You know that nagging feeling you wake up with sometimes that says, “Dang it I need to dunk a crustacean into some spicy avocado sauce. Right. Now!” OK maybe this feeling doesn’t overwhelm all of you. But having been raised on the east coast of Canada, read more

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