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My father in law, like any good man advanced in years and living life jovially, has a repertoire of punchlines he likes to work into a conversation for comedic effect. For instance, I’ve learned never to comment on feeling cold on a blustery day. (If I so much as read more

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pineapple avocado salsa recipe

pineapple avocado salsa

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It’s a funny thing, having a blog. When things come up in your life, days slip by and eventually so much time passes that you have no idea what to write about and you feel as though when you do finally write something, it ought to be profoundly compelling.

Then read more

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homemade lemon curd recipe

lemon curd

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“We love you like we love lemons.” So said a card to a very special family we said goodbye to in Mexico; a family we had bonded with for their sense of humor, their sense of balance, and their sense of good food. A mutual love we share? Lemons.

Lemons and I read more

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roasted garlic hummus recipe

roasted garlic hummus

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As I was putting together an assortment of snacks for an evening’s gathering, I got to thinking about the first time I made my own hummus.

It was a cold winter’s day in Montreal. I had recently moved in with my new roommate, a fun and hilarious Québécoise read more

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spicy avocado mayonnaise sauce recipe

spicy avocado sauce

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I love condiments. I do. Relish, hot sauce, read more

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jalapeno hot sauce recipe

jalapeño hot sauce

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13 days. Wow that’s awkward. Let me explain.

We moved. Again. Yes, I should be totally used to it. I should be like a well-oiled machine. I should be like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music who decisively yanks her homemade dresses from the closet, crams them into her read more

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pickle relish recipe

homemade pickle relish

adapted from Gourmet

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When I used to hear the words South and America, images of sunshine, hammocks and frozen drinks under palm trees immediately came to mind. Then I actually moved to South America. Low and behold, like any other continent, climate and atmosphere read more

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perfect pesto

gorgeous almond pesto

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Is your pesto the besto? Your friends will sure think so when they taste this simple variation on a classic! (Only your super cool friends who like to rhyme on occasion might use the word “besto”… but they’ll all love it!) Now, pine nut pesto is read more

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with smoky chive mayonnaise

fried calamari with smoky chive mayonnaise

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There are a great many takes on making your own mayonnaise, and they are all good. Usually I go with olive oil as opposed to other oils because, well, I just love the olive taste! And traditionally I would use lemon juice and add a touch of mustard, so feel free to make read more

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