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normandy pesto mussels and fries

moules frites

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I cannot tell you the number of early memories I have of mussels. They are countless. Almost…mundane, in a way. It’s not, say, an oyster. Kept almost always on its beautiful shell and served with delicate mignonettes that try to accent without pulling focus. read more

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harissa chicken skewers with cilantro chilli oil

harissa-spiced chicken skewers with cilantro chilli oil

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Yes, it’s true. I have a very special announcement to make. I thought this day would never come. I was beginning to think it a figure of my imagination. Could our family really be about to increase by one? But then, just when I was starting to think it beyond hope, read more

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orzo pasta dish risoni recipe

almond pesto risoni with salami and wilted arugula

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There is a special group of gentlemen within the esteemed carb family which I so admire. I know them only as, “the little-guy pastas”. Yes, yes, my technical knowledge astounds even me. (It’s OK to roll your eyes. I know I did.) Anyway, one of read more

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vegetarian pasta

zucchini pasta with almond pesto

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Fun fact: I dabbled in pescetarianism for a time. I use the term “pescetarianism”, which sounds like a cult but actually refers to a diet that excludes turf but includes surf, because there are certain purists out there who would feel righteously indignant read more

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perfect hoisin chicken recipe

asian-marinated chicken with salted cucumber and rice noodles

inspired by a dish i saw once in donna hay magazine

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Have I mentioned yet that I suffer from culinary ADD? While the majority of North-Americans are thinking about turkey, cranberries, and sweet potatoes, (and of course I am thinking of all that goodness too!) I am also read more

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