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mixed greens chicken goat cheese and avocado salad

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In June of this year, we celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary by going back to my favorite happy place: Ireland. It was the first time since our honeymoon that we were taking a trip purely for pleasure, just the two of us. We rented a car and spent one blissful read more

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chickpea recipes

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Hiya! A couple months have passed since the dramatic recounting of our botched weekend, so here are some updates: We’ve been experiencing some of the coldest winter days in recent French history (which of course compared to many of our friends who endure extreme read more

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oven dried tomatoes

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Have you seen the Netflix documentary series “Chef’s Table“? In short, you should.

Stylistically it’s brilliant, and completely unexpected in it’s depth and insight into creative thinking both from a film-making and culinary point of view. read more

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healthy flavorful meal ideas chicken breast

healthy meal ideas that actually taste good

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“I like you being on a diet!” If your significant other said that to you, how would you feel? What would you think? Would you feel offended? Would you chuck your plate of quinoa at them in righteous indignation? When my husband said those words to me, I was read more

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asian sauteed brussels sprouts with spicy bacon recipe

caramelized brussels sprouts with spicy bacon

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This post contains graphic scenes of dental violence that might shock or frighten a person. Reader discretion is advised.

There are certain things that as kids, we almost all hated. Chief among them, Brussels sprouts, and going to the dentist.

A while back I recounted read more

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pineapple avocado salsa recipe

pineapple avocado salsa

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It’s a funny thing, having a blog. When things come up in your life, days slip by and eventually so much time passes that you have no idea what to write about and you feel as though when you do finally write something, it ought to be profoundly compelling.

Then read more

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summer squash with roasted tomatoes recipe

roasted tomato on summer squash

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If you have checked out my about page you know that I grew up in the sticks.

A particularly memorable feature of my surroundings was a gigantic garden. I mean, it was as if we were preparing for a foretold famine with that garden. Maintaining it was… a challenge, read more

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arugula lemon feta walnut strawberry salad recipe

arugula, strawberry, and lemon feta salad

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What makes a perfect Sunday?

It comes as no surprise that the answer varies from person to person. Here’s a Sunday I remember: Sitting on our friends’ deck, watching their kids play and happily waiting for the delicious grilled steaks, veggies, and salad to read more

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roasted garlic hummus recipe

roasted garlic hummus

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As I was putting together an assortment of snacks for an evening’s gathering, I got to thinking about the first time I made my own hummus.

It was a cold winter’s day in Montreal. I had recently moved in with my new roommate, a fun and hilarious Québécoise read more

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green bean salad with sausage and parmesan recipe

bad wife green bean salad

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I am a bad wife. Well, I am a good wife. Like when I’m serving dinner and I give Mat the better looking plate. Or when I am splitting an ice cream sandwich to share and I give him the bigger piece. Or when I wait for him to watch The Office together even though it read more

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