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arugula lemon feta walnut strawberry salad recipe

arugula, strawberry, and lemon feta salad

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What makes a perfect Sunday?

It comes as no surprise that the answer varies from person to person. Here’s a Sunday I remember: Sitting on our friends’ deck, watching their kids play and happily waiting for the delicious grilled steaks, veggies, and salad to read more

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roasted garlic hummus recipe

roasted garlic hummus

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As I was putting together an assortment of snacks for an evening’s gathering, I got to thinking about the first time I made my own hummus.

It was a cold winter’s day in Montreal. I had recently moved in with my new roommate, a fun and hilarious Québécoise read more

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zucchini apple and mint pesto soup

zucchini apple and mint pesto soup

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There is a person whose profession invokes ripples of fear through the bodies of people everywhere, young and old alike. A person who sends out evil reminders of their presence in your life. A person who tries to trick you with so-called “friendly” chatter and strawberry-flavored read more

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quick and easy eggs with herb cheese recipe

quick eggs with herb cream cheese and cherry tomatoes

inspired by 101 Cookbooks

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The past two months have been quite the roller coaster. Although, it wasn’t so much up and down as it was side to side. Maybe like… a Tilt-A-Whirl. Yeah! A Tilt-A-Whirl. Have you ever been on one of those things? Here’s a quote read more

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sweet spicy baked brie recipe

ground cherry and walnut baked brie

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I do not like the circus. I find the whole thing terrifying. I don’t like the fact that it is a traveling spectacle, for one thing. I don’t know, something about that just feels unsettling. I did get the chance to sit on an elephant read more

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spicy avocado mayonnaise sauce recipe

spicy avocado sauce

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I love condiments. I do. Relish, hot sauce, read more

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grilled radicchio salad

pan-grilled radicchio salad with walnuts, artichoke and parmesan

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Have you ever seen Chopped? It’s not the most prestigious of culinary competitions, to be sure. Although recently it would seem the network/producers/who-knows-who-make-these-decisions read more

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simple chunky guacamole recipe

chunky guacamole

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My truly fabulous sister recently returned from a much deserved week’s vaca in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. A vacation which I was really dying to crash.

I cannot help but journey back (mentally, of course) to the two months Mat and I spent there. Oh, the things we ate! read more

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marinated artichokes

marinated artichokes

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Artichokes. The very mention of them used to send a ripple of fear through my body. When I would pass them in the market in Montreal I couldn’t help but approach and reach out to pick one up, then my terror would take over as I zoomed in on those pointy tips and read more

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easy marinated feta recipe

chilli, herb and lemon marinated feta

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I rarely make the same thing twice. This may sound like I’m bragging. I’m not. It’s a sickness. Where are all the Mental Health for Foodies Specialists these days, anyway? In the absence of such assistance, perhaps I might just lie back on the read more

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