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easy spicy pumpkin soup recipe

spiced pumpkin soup with pan-toasted pumpkin seeds

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One of my first jobs was a seasonal gig at The Pumpkin Patch, a local produce market slash ice cream shop. (I actually got tendonitis from too much scooping. I blame the children and the cursed bubble gum flavor.)

Anyway, my best friend worked there too and we relished read more

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super simple green bean salad

green bean salad with brown butter
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I’m usually so focused on how to start a meal and what protein to use in the main, I forget all about that vital side dish! Even the term “side” just seems to edge it out of my mind. But it’s a supportive role, read more

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homemade corn chips

easy homemade totopos

Last year, my husband and I spent two months in Mexico. When we got back home and were showing pictures from our trip to our friends, we noticed that pictures of food were dominating all else! Mexico is such an inspiring place for food lovers to visit. There read more

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vegetarian pasta

zucchini pasta with almond pesto

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Fun fact: I dabbled in pescetarianism for a time. I use the term “pescetarianism”, which sounds like a cult but actually refers to a diet that excludes turf but includes surf, because there are certain purists out there who would feel righteously indignant read more

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