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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back.

Some of you may remember my tale of the marinated feta where I admitted my struggle to make the same thing twice. Well let me tell you, these past 6 months read more

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healthy flavorful meal ideas chicken breast

healthy meal ideas that actually taste good

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“I like you being on a diet!” If your significant other said that to you, how would you feel? What would you think? Would you feel offended? Would you chuck your plate of quinoa at them in righteous indignation? When my husband said those words to me, I w read more

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avoid kitchen waste - leftover coffee chocolate shake

iced leftover morning coffee-from-the-pot chocolate shake

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Hi all! Allow me to coolly sidestep the fact that eons have passed since my last post and just slide on into this one…

Lately, and by lately I mean the last several years, there is just nothing good on. Seems that if it isn’t about vampires or serial killer read more

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warm roasted beet salad with horseradish cream and fried brussels sprout leaves

roasted beet salad with avocado horseradish purée

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I’ve been talking a lot about the dentist lately. Hard not to, when I spend so much time with the guy. Every week or two I go, open my mouth, and he files away. Each time I stare up into the bright light. There is a dead bug trapped in the bulb. How did it g read more

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trout recipes

pan-seared trout with sautéed fennel and fried capers

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Today was meant to be a good day. The day my stitches come out after my dentistry adventure. Well the stitches came out. That was then followed by an read more

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asian sauteed brussels sprouts with spicy bacon recipe

caramelized brussels sprouts with spicy bacon

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This post contains graphic scenes of dental violence that might shock or frighten a person. Reader discretion is advised.

There are certain things that as kids, we almost all hated. Chief among them, Brussels sprouts, and going to the dentist.

A while back I reco read more

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ecuadorian ceviche appetizer

ceviche bites

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The food I grew up on was anything but exotic. When people here ask me “So what is typical Canadian food?” I hesitate. “Um… we use a lot of potatoes?” Which I know is a lame response, but if I describe the food Canadians eat, I know the a read more

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tonsupa, ecuador

Growing up I kept a diary. (*cough*Predictable!*cough*) It was filled with the usual dramatic self-searching common to a lot of young girl’s diaries. Also included were things like, “I really wish daddy would take pity on Black Beauty. That’s what I named the poor barn cat read more

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fancy gin and tonic recipe

friendly gin and tonic

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Today I wanted to cry.

This is not a monumental thing by any means. My roommate once caught me crying at a burger commercial. Something about a mama burger, a papa burger, and … well you know what, it’s not important but dang that commercial tugged at my se read more

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what to stock in your pantry

We take a break from our not-so-regularly scheduled programming to bring you…

Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp children?

Well not exactly. They have, however, inspired me to root through my pantry and share a few of my favorite things. Even if the dog doesn’t bite, and the bee doesn read more

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