ecuadorian ceviche appetizer

ceviche bites

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The food I grew up on was anything but exotic. When people here ask me “So what is typical Canadian food?” I hesitate. “Um… we use a lot of potatoes?” Which I know is a lame response, but if I describe the food Canadians eat, I know the answers read more

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tonsupa, ecuador

Growing up I kept a diary. (*cough*Predictable!*cough*) It was filled with the usual dramatic self-searching common to a lot of young girl’s diaries. Also included were things like, “I really wish daddy would take pity on Black Beauty. That’s what I named the poor barn cat who read more

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fancy gin and tonic recipe

friendly gin and tonic

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Today I wanted to cry.

This is not a monumental thing by any means. My roommate once caught me crying at a burger commercial. Something about a mama burger, a papa burger, and … well you know what, it’s not important but dang that commercial tugged at my sensitive read more

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what to stock in your pantry

We take a break from our not-so-regularly scheduled programming to bring you…

Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp children?

Well not exactly. They have, however, inspired me to root through my pantry and share a few of my favorite things. Even if the dog doesn’t bite, and the bee doesn’t read more

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nutty apple crisp recipe easy classic

apple crisp

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Do y’all remember this? I don’t know why I just said “y’all”… I never say “y’all” in real life. read more

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pineapple avocado salsa recipe

pineapple avocado salsa

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It’s a funny thing, having a blog. When things come up in your life, days slip by and eventually so much time passes that you have no idea what to write about and you feel as though when you do finally write something, it ought to be profoundly compelling.

Then read more

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summer squash with roasted tomatoes recipe

roasted tomato on summer squash

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If you have checked out my about page you know that I grew up in the sticks.

A particularly memorable feature of my surroundings was a gigantic garden. I mean, it was as if we were preparing for a foretold famine with that garden. Maintaining it was… a challenge, read more

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easy homemade fruit juice recipe

delicious homemade fruit juice

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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night over some feeling or thought you just couldn’t shake? Or worse yet, have you ever been so gripped by that nagging thought that sleep itself eluded you? Such was my recent plight. And the thought that so powerfully read more

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chicken salad sandwich recipe

chicken salad sandwich

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I hate budgets. I do. Even the word, budget. Boo!

I have this idea that being on a budget is restrictive and limiting. It brings me back to childhood images of powdered milk and cutting up dryer sheets to make them last longer.

But the fact is budgets are crucial to staying read more

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arugula lemon feta walnut strawberry salad recipe

arugula, strawberry, and lemon feta salad

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What makes a perfect Sunday?

It comes as no surprise that the answer varies from person to person. Here’s a Sunday I remember: Sitting on our friends’ deck, watching their kids play and happily waiting for the delicious grilled steaks, veggies, and salad to read more

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