how do I love thee? happy anniversary

I love my husband.

I love that he lets me sleep in when he knows I’m exhausted. He greets me with coffee and contains his good mood until I’m ready to meet the world.

I love that I find scraps of paper everywhere with drawings he sketched absent-mindedly. It’s the world’s cutest read more

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strawberry jam recipe

strawberry jam

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I was sitting in my friend’s apartment in Montreal, chatting with the girls about the many bridal showers, baby showers, and other opportunities for gift giving around the corner. It’s not that we weren’t excited for all these upcoming happy occasions, read more

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easy breadless trifle recipe

layered strawberry and lemon curd pots

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It was our first dinner party in Quito. In fact, we had the dinner as a way of thanking the family who had found us the apartment. We had been so caught up in the madness of getting a visa that we hadn’t had time to properly thank them.

I was a bit rusty and it took read more

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homemade lemon curd recipe

lemon curd

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“We love you like we love lemons.” So said a card to a very special family we said goodbye to in Mexico; a family we had bonded with for their sense of humor, their sense of balance, and their sense of good food. A mutual love we share? Lemons.

Lemons and I read more

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bacon egg and cheese appetizer

breakfast bites

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On Sunday we had a few friends over for lunch. Among them was a shy 13 year old girl who came earlier than the others to help me get everything ready. I had planned a foolproof meal: tacos. I figured, it’s family style, you get to pick your toppings, it’s generally read more

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otavalo market, ecuador

otavalo market, ecuador

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Two women walk into a store. One is polished, manicured, decked in high heels and weighed down (gracefully) by several carrier bags. She walks into the store, her air of confidence wafting in with greater presence than a surging gust of wind. She slowly slides her sunglasses read more

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roasted garlic hummus recipe

roasted garlic hummus

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As I was putting together an assortment of snacks for an evening’s gathering, I got to thinking about the first time I made my own hummus.

It was a cold winter’s day in Montreal. I had recently moved in with my new roommate, a fun and hilarious Québécoise read more

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chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies recipe

dark chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies

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The first thing I ever learned to make was chocolate chip cookies. I know this to be true, because upon enrolling in the first grade at Havelock Elementary, every time a classmate would ask me why I had not been with them in kindergarten, I would confidently answer, “I read more

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orange pork and asian noodles chow mein recipe

orange pork chow mein

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Do you ever get a wild craving that grips you suddenly and refuses to leave? It might have been the smell of a nearby fryer that subconsciously made your mind drift to an image of fried chicken you just couldn’t shake. Or maybe it was a commercial that lasted not read more

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