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I do not like the circus. I find the whole thing terrifying. I don’t like the fact that it is a traveling spectacle, for one thing. I don’t know, something about that just feels unsettling. I did get the chance to sit on an elephant once, which would have been cool had it not taken me an hour to decide that I was just too scared, all the while being watched impatiently by other parents waiting for their kids (who apparently were not having issues with it) to sit on the elephant so they could leave. The whole thing just felt very…staged. Besides, that elephant looked sad.

Then there’s the walking on tightropes and flinging people through the air, willy-nilly. It just seems so reckless. Sure, it’s all very practiced and planned by extraordinarily talented acrobats and so forth, but as if children know that! What I remember is watching a helpless and underdressed 90 pound woman, happily swinging through the air without a care in the word, suddenly being thrown by a man clearly stronger than her, plunging to her certain death, only to be caught in the nick of time by another mysterious man who just so happened to be hanging out on a rope. And unlike her, these men were allowed to wear pants. Unfair. And terrifying!

Not to be forgotten are the rings of fire. Fire. There’s no time like being trapped in an enclosed tent amid crowds of people bigger than you for a fire! And don’t even get me started on clowns. Like I said, terrifying.

But, then, I do have to admit to a couple fond feelings. I might as well come out with them. There’s one of my favorite songs by French musician and composer Yann Tiersen, called Le Jour d’Avant. It is such a circus song. It’s all chaotic and unpredictable and twisty and creepy. I love it.

And of course, there is caramel corn. Oh the delicious combination of sweet, salty, and sometimes even nutty. I did love the circus for bringing me that.

Before leaving Montreal, a dear friend made us a batch of caramel popcorn loaded with almonds. I am fairly certain she intended it to last beyond the two days it actually lasted. But that’s not her fault. She made us plenty. I’m just a sucker for caramel corn.

‘What on earth could that have to do with baked brie?’, you might be wondering. Well you know how when brie is first baked it’s all warm and gooey and runny? You scoop it up with a cracker or apple slice or what have you, urgently guiding it to your mouth before it runs onto your fingers or outfit. Yum!

baked brie recipe

perfect baked brie

baked brie on baguette

But then, it cools down. Firms up a bit. Becomes easier to cut. I find at this point in the baked brie’s evening it’s popularity decreases. It’s partakers dwindle, preferring to wait for what fresher items might come flying out of the kitchen while biding their time with the variety of dips available. I mean, who wants the last abandoned scraps of baked brie?

Answer: Me! Don’t get me wrong, I love the gooey start. But I also love the firmer finish. Easier to get into my mouth, for one thing. Less people fluttering around it, for another. Which I suppose, makes it also easier to get into my mouth. But the other thing is the flavor. I find after the ingredients have had time to get to know one another, they bond together and take on a whole new flavor profile. Well maybe not new, per say, but sharper. More confident. Yes, as the baked brie starts to lose it’s fans, it becomes emboldened with self-confidence.

Wouldn’t it be great to be baked brie?

easy baked brie recipe

And this recipe? After a supremely scrumptious and gooey start, once it’s had time to fully accept the other ingredients, can you guess what it tastes like?

sweet baked brie on baguette

Well wouldn’t ya know it, caramel corn. Darn delicious, caramel corn baked brie. Circus style.

sweet spicy nutty baked brie recipe

ground cherry and walnut baked brie recipe

1 round of brie
1/2 cup ground cherries, halved
1/2 cup roughly chopped walnuts
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tbs maple flakes
1/4 tsp chilli flakes
1/4 tsp sea salt flakes

Combine walnuts, brown sugar, chilli flakes and sea salt.

Heat oven to 190°C (375°F)

In a pan lined with parchment paper, place your brie and top with halved ground cherries. Cover with walnut mixture. Bake for 15 minutes. Switch to broil for a couple minutes to finish caramelizing the sugar.

Serve with sliced baguette.

classic best party food recipe

It’s a circus in your mouth.

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23 Responses to circus baked brie

  1. Christine says:

    This sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Parsley Sage says:

    Hate circuses. ADORE this brie!!!

  3. You’re not the only one that feels that way about circuses. So many people are afraid of clowns! But not this brie, I think this would be very popular! 😀

  4. I would probably take a kid to the circus for their fun, but it is not something I would want to go on my own! Your brie does look amazing-delicious post.

  5. WE love sweet warm brie to spread love this version sounds awesome!

  6. LinsFood says:

    I LOVE baked brie, yours looks so lovely with all the added ingredients! I’ve only done it with cranberry sauce, must give this a try! Lin xx

  7. MUST. HAVE. CHEESE. I love baked brie, and I have never had it like this. I bet this would be even better w/ camembert!

  8. I’ve never been fond of circuses, either — although I would love to see a Cirque du Soleil (much different, right?) As for clowns, well, my sister is a clown — really. Her name is Jiggy and she is a kind and happy and helpful clown. And she likes brie , before during and after. Like me.

  9. kale says:

    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella – Apparently it’s a real phobia! I mean, it gets its own name and everything (Coulrophobia). But then, so does Fear of Chopsticks (Consecotaleophobia). So…

    LinsFood – Ooh, love cranberry sauce. I took cranberries for granted and now I cannot find them anywhere!

    Sofie Dittmann @thegermanfoodie – Mmm camembert… (I am easily swayed.) 😉

    Sprigs of Rosemary – That’s actually kind of amazing! I am reminded of a Zoolander quote: “Sting would be another person who’s a hero. The music he’s created over the years, I don’t really listen to it, but the fact that he’s making it, I respect that.” – (Hansel)

  10. Simply Life says:

    YUM! I’ve never had brie like this- looks amazing!

  11. Ecuador? Brie?? I’m so happy for you that you’re finding these amazing delights! And that all to be said, you’re also creating new masterpieces! So inspired 🙂 The cherries look like yellow tomatoes one might find here at the market. Am I needing to calibrate my computer screen?!!? Why are they yellow!? TEACH me master! 🙂

  12. kale says:

    Ashley A-Photo – You are a riot! I’m sure you’ve seen ground cherries at the market! It does look very similar to a cherry tomato, but the taste is really quite unique. You’d probably recognize them with their papery husks still attached. I have a photo of one on the ground cherry jam post I did!

  13. I love baked brie and your’s looks amazing. I too have issues with the circus. When my husband was little he went and during the elephant performance they begin to spin while pooping and flung poo into the audience. Doesn’t sounds like my kind of show.

  14. I love circuses…in my mouth!

    P.S.~The pic of the cheese shmeared on the bread is making me hungry. And I just had dinner!

  15. Liz says:

    I adore baked brie…hot, medium or cold…I’ll eat it all! And yours looks fabulous. I always feel sorry for the circus animals…but I definitely am a fan of the caramel corn 🙂

  16. I feel you on the whole circus thing. Its creepy, and the animals always look sad and the whole trapeze thing reminds me why I am scared of heights.
    Now, baked brie I can do. I love baked brie so much and I love your combination of sweet, salty and spicy here. I’ll fight you for the firmed up forgotten cheese! 🙂

  17. Ann says:

    I’m with you when it comes to baked brie. I like it runny and gooey, but when the flavors had a chance to meld and it’s a little firmer…SIGH….heaven!

    As for the circus. I was enchanted at the idea, but when it came time to go – my twin brother and I were SICK and missed it! So for me…the circus is something that never was!

  18. kyleen says:

    Not going to lie, but as a kid (and a teenager just shy of seventeen) I’m still afraid of circuses and clowns… The whole vibe just creeps me a little bit. Ahhh I LOVE brie. It’s pretty much my favourite cheese ever. I’ve always wanted to bake a whole wheel in a pastry crust, but then I remember that the rest of my family isn’t quite as crazy about brie like I am and that eating a whole wheel by myself would be… very unladylike. But I vow that I will bake an entire circle of brie one day.

  19. kale says:

    Natalie@DeconstructingTheHome – Your poor husband! What a memory. *shudder*

    Jen @ Juanita’s Cocina – Craving on a full stomach? That’s a compliment I will happily accept!

    Liz – Oh, I know, right?! A few months ago we watched Water for Elephants, and we actually had to pause the movie for at least 30 minutes, while I cried. (no joke) …Maybe that’s why Mat hasn’t suggested a movie night since…hmm.

    Maggie @ kitchie coo – I SO get your fear of heights. We will eat our firmed up brie on stable ground, my friend. You have my word.

    kyleen – Eat the wheel of brie! Do it!! (Sorry, I am the kind of friend a prudent shopper doesn’t bring with them. “Of course you should buy it in 3 colors! Why not?!”) But seriously. Eat the brie.

  20. Emma says:

    All I remember about the circus is I went once in Kindergarten with my class, but I was really sick and had to throw up. In classy 5-year-old logic, the answer was to throw up in my mitten. I’ve had a disliking for the circus ever since, but mostly because I feel bad for the animals.

    I love baking brie with fruit, jam and nuts inside, so this flavor combo seems wonderful (even though I don’t enjoy caramel corn). More ground cherries! I saw some in a seed catalog and think I’ll try to grow them this year:)

  21. nipponnin says:

    Here comes the awesome gooiness! I should try it very soon but what is maple flakes? Love the fun name of each post you come up with.
    By the way, my daughter is English teacher too.

    • kale says:

      Maple flakes are sugar made from pure maple syrup. They can dissolve into food or add a crunchy crumble texture, depending on how you’re using it. It was a must-bring for me from Canada because it weighs next to nothing but packs a lot of flavor into a little flake! Sometimes when I’m missing maple I’ll just pop a few clusters into my mouth to satisfy (almost) my craving. You can buy them on! 🙂

  22. sajid says:

    You can buy them on amazon

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