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avoid kitchen waste - leftover coffee chocolate shake

iced leftover morning coffee-from-the-pot chocolate shake

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Hi all! Allow me to coolly sidestep the fact that eons have passed since my last post and just slide on into this one…

Lately, and by lately I mean the last several years, there is just nothing good on. Seems that if it isn’t about vampires or serial killers read more

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fancy gin and tonic recipe

friendly gin and tonic

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Today I wanted to cry.

This is not a monumental thing by any means. My roommate once caught me crying at a burger commercial. Something about a mama burger, a papa burger, and … well you know what, it’s not important but dang that commercial tugged at my sensitive read more

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easy homemade fruit juice recipe

delicious homemade fruit juice

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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night over some feeling or thought you just couldn’t shake? Or worse yet, have you ever been so gripped by that nagging thought that sleep itself eluded you? Such was my recent plight. And the thought that so powerfully read more

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hot toddy recipe

hot toddy

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Guess what. My husband is sick! I can hardly believe it. This is so exciting! I know, I sound like a bad wife, but just hear me out.

In the 7 and a half years I have known my husband, he has never been sick. At least, there has been no physical evidence to support read more

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strawberry martini

strawberry martini

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Adjusting to my new life in South America comes with it’s highs and lows. The highs are obvious: New experiences, new goals, meeting new people. The lows inevitably boil down to missing my girls. You know, those girl friends who are always there to feel up in arms read more

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mulled wine recipe

vin chaud (mulled wine)

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French Alps, 2006. My first trip to France with my boyfriend, who would propose to me a week later in Montmartre. It was also my first time experiencing any kind of significant jet lag, and the first time meeting his family. Any of them. Oh, and they only spoke French.

From read more

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receipe of a whiskey or whisky cocktail

lemon-ginger whiskey sour

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Cocktails. They can start off a dinner party, set the tone for a fantastic girl’s night, or kick off a much needed… I don’t know, Wednesday night? Whatever the event or any-other-day, a cocktail provides an opportunity for creativity and some sit-back-and-relax. read more

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