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le camion qui fume, paris food trucks, paris burgers frites

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back.

Some of you may remember my tale of the marinated feta where I admitted my struggle to make the same thing twice. Well let me tell you, these past 6 months, read more

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tonsupa, ecuador

Growing up I kept a diary. (*cough*Predictable!*cough*) It was filled with the usual dramatic self-searching common to a lot of young girl’s diaries. Also included were things like, “I really wish daddy would take pity on Black Beauty. That’s what I named the poor barn cat who read more

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otavalo market, ecuador

otavalo market, ecuador

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Two women walk into a store. One is polished, manicured, decked in high heels and weighed down (gracefully) by several carrier bags. She walks into the store, her air of confidence wafting in with greater presence than a surging gust of wind. She slowly slides her sunglasses read more

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normandy pesto mussels and fries

moules frites

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I cannot tell you the number of early memories I have of mussels. They are countless. Almost…mundane, in a way. It’s not, say, an oyster. Kept almost always on its beautiful shell and served with delicate mignonettes that try to accent without pulling focus. read more

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simple chunky guacamole recipe

chunky guacamole

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My truly fabulous sister recently returned from a much deserved week’s vaca in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. A vacation which I was really dying to crash.

I cannot help but journey back (mentally, of course) to the two months Mat and I spent there. Oh, the things we ate! read more

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mulled wine recipe

vin chaud (mulled wine)

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French Alps, 2006. My first trip to France with my boyfriend, who would propose to me a week later in Montmartre. It was also my first time experiencing any kind of significant jet lag, and the first time meeting his family. Any of them. Oh, and they only spoke French.

From read more

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lavender and grape vines

“On était jeunes, on était beaux.” So said my parents-in-law frequently while we caravanned around the South of France. Well, to be fair, they caravanned, we slept in a pup tent. But they brought us to Provence! So I’m not complaining.

I suppose traveling throughout such a read more

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best beer in ireland

when Irish eyes are smiling…

This is my father-in-law. Or rather, his hands. Hands that are gingerly holding my Murphy’s, one of the greatest beers I’ve tasted, the pride of County Cork.

When I first met my husband, he asked me where in the world I would want to visit if I could read more

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chocolatier, à la mère de famille

Paris. It seems futile to even attempt to say something new about this intoxicating city. But I guess one of the beauties of Paris is that there is always something new to stumble upon. And regardless of how many thousands have already discovered some treasure, if it’s new to you, read more

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