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So, coronavirus. Kind of the giant elephant in the world right now. Except that EVERYONE is talking about it and only it so there’s that.

As with any crisis, people react differently and there are so many variables to an experience that it’s normal to have ups and downs. read more

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avoid kitchen waste - leftover coffee chocolate shake

iced leftover morning coffee-from-the-pot chocolate shake

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Hi all! Allow me to coolly sidestep the fact that eons have passed since my last post and just slide on into this one…

Lately, and by lately I mean the last several years, there is just nothing good on. Seems that if it isn’t about vampires or serial killers read more

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nutty apple crisp recipe easy classic

apple crisp

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Do y’all remember this? I don’t know why I just said “y’all”… I never say “y’all” in real life. read more

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strawberry jam recipe

strawberry jam

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I was sitting in my friend’s apartment in Montreal, chatting with the girls about the many bridal showers, baby showers, and other opportunities for gift giving around the corner. It’s not that we weren’t excited for all these upcoming happy occasions, read more

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easy breadless trifle recipe

layered strawberry and lemon curd pots

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It was our first dinner party in Quito. In fact, we had the dinner as a way of thanking the family who had found us the apartment. We had been so caught up in the madness of getting a visa that we hadn’t had time to properly thank them.

I was a bit rusty and it took read more

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homemade lemon curd recipe

lemon curd

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“We love you like we love lemons.” So said a card to a very special family we said goodbye to in Mexico; a family we had bonded with for their sense of humor, their sense of balance, and their sense of good food. A mutual love we share? Lemons.

Lemons and I read more

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chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies recipe

dark chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies

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The first thing I ever learned to make was chocolate chip cookies. I know this to be true, because upon enrolling in the first grade at Havelock Elementary, every time a classmate would ask me why I had not been with them in kindergarten, I would confidently answer, “I read more

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perfect shortbread recipe

shortbread fingers

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Books. Do you like books? I like books. I cannot say that I devour everything out there. The truth is my book cravings come in bouts and waves. It’s kind of like when you notice your body is lacking some vital nutrient, so you start carting Costco-size bags of mixed read more

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ground cherry jam recipe

ground cherry jam

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There’s something about ground cherries that makes my heart beat just a little bit faster. Now, I am saying that as if I do not actually know what it is that causes this to happen. Let me come clean right off the bat: I know exactly why this happens. The story read more

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perfect simple strawberry dessert

honey and thyme stewed strawberries with lemon-whipped cream

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Today I was craving something sweet but I didn’t feel like baking. It was one of those lazy, open-the-freezer-10-times-hoping-an-ice-cream-cake-appears type cravings. (Happens more than I’m proud of…)

What I did find in the freezer were strawberries read more

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