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We’ve been on a real pasta kick lately. Probably because WE WENT TO ITALY! Say whaaaaaaat!? (I’ve been told my references and basic communication style is somewhat, shall we say, outdated. …I think I understand.)

Anywho! (oh boy) We’ve wanted to go to read more

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mixed greens chicken goat cheese and avocado salad

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In June of this year, we celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary by going back to my favorite happy place: Ireland. It was the first time since our honeymoon that we were taking a trip purely for pleasure, just the two of us. We rented a car and spent one blissful read more

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My father in law, like any good man advanced in years and living life jovially, has a repertoire of punchlines he likes to work into a conversation for comedic effect. For instance, I’ve learned never to comment on feeling cold on a blustery day. (If I so much as read more

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polenta cakes with vegetable tomato sauce and cheesy egg

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Yolks. How do we feel about them? And of course by “we” I mean you, because I know how I feel about them. I love em! I like my yolks warm and silken and runny. The runnier the better, in fact.
This was however, not always the case. I used to think that read more

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healthy flavorful meal ideas chicken breast

healthy meal ideas that actually taste good

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“I like you being on a diet!” If your significant other said that to you, how would you feel? What would you think? Would you feel offended? Would you chuck your plate of quinoa at them in righteous indignation? When my husband said those words to me, I was read more

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asian sauteed brussels sprouts with spicy bacon recipe

caramelized brussels sprouts with spicy bacon

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This post contains graphic scenes of dental violence that might shock or frighten a person. Reader discretion is advised.

There are certain things that as kids, we almost all hated. Chief among them, Brussels sprouts, and going to the dentist.

A while back I recounted read more

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summer squash with roasted tomatoes recipe

roasted tomato on summer squash

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If you have checked out my about page you know that I grew up in the sticks.

A particularly memorable feature of my surroundings was a gigantic garden. I mean, it was as if we were preparing for a foretold famine with that garden. Maintaining it was… a challenge, read more

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chicken salad sandwich recipe

chicken salad sandwich

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I hate budgets. I do. Even the word, budget. Boo!

I have this idea that being on a budget is restrictive and limiting. It brings me back to childhood images of powdered milk and cutting up dryer sheets to make them last longer.

But the fact is budgets are crucial to staying read more

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orange pork and asian noodles chow mein recipe

orange pork chow mein

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Do you ever get a wild craving that grips you suddenly and refuses to leave? It might have been the smell of a nearby fryer that subconsciously made your mind drift to an image of fried chicken you just couldn’t shake. Or maybe it was a commercial that lasted not read more

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pasta with red pepper, leeks, bacon

no plan pasta

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I had the whole thing planned. There would be upscale appetizers, Champagne cocktails, even a prize for the winner of our first annual Who Guessed It Best contest. The house was going to be sparkling clean. I have two pairs of jeans; I was going to wear the nicer pair.

Then read more

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