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ecuadorian ceviche appetizer

ceviche bites

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The food I grew up on was anything but exotic. When people here ask me “So what is typical Canadian food?” I hesitate. “Um… we use a lot of potatoes?” Which I know is a lame response, but if I describe the food Canadians eat, I know the answers read more

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bacon egg and cheese appetizer

breakfast bites

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On Sunday we had a few friends over for lunch. Among them was a shy 13 year old girl who came earlier than the others to help me get everything ready. I had planned a foolproof meal: tacos. I figured, it’s family style, you get to pick your toppings, it’s generally read more

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potato onion appetizer hors-d'oeuvre

potato and caramelized onion stacks

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Growing up, I ate a lot of scalloped potatoes. I mean, a lot. It’s one of those dishes that is perfect for farm life because it’s quick and easy and puts the abundance of potatoes lying around to good use. Plus it was always a fun thing to read more

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elegant tuna amuse bouche

asian tuna tartare bites

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One of my favorite moments on Top Chef, when they are doing an amuse-bouche challenge, is watching the contestants get righteously indignant toward the chefs who serve something that obviously cannot be eaten in one bite. I read more

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