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Right off the bat I’m just going to clarify that there aren’t actually 99 bottles of beer in this bread (phew!) But there’s one bottle and that’s enough for this delicious rustic bread that’s an absolute cinch to make!

I know it’s technically read more

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My father in law, like any good man advanced in years and living life jovially, has a repertoire of punchlines he likes to work into a conversation for comedic effect. For instance, I’ve learned never to comment on feeling cold on a blustery day. (If I so much as read more

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chicken salad sandwich recipe

chicken salad sandwich

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I hate budgets. I do. Even the word, budget. Boo!

I have this idea that being on a budget is restrictive and limiting. It brings me back to childhood images of powdered milk and cutting up dryer sheets to make them last longer.

But the fact is budgets are crucial to staying read more

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normandy pesto mussels and fries

moules frites

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I cannot tell you the number of early memories I have of mussels. They are countless. Almost…mundane, in a way. It’s not, say, an oyster. Kept almost always on its beautiful shell and served with delicate mignonettes that try to accent without pulling focus. read more

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simple chunky guacamole recipe

chunky guacamole

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My truly fabulous sister recently returned from a much deserved week’s vaca in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. A vacation which I was really dying to crash.

I cannot help but journey back (mentally, of course) to the two months Mat and I spent there. Oh, the things we ate! read more

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homemade corn chips

easy homemade totopos

Last year, my husband and I spent two months in Mexico. When we got back home and were showing pictures from our trip to our friends, we noticed that pictures of food were dominating all else! Mexico is such an inspiring place for food lovers to visit. There read more

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with smoky chive mayonnaise

fried calamari with smoky chive mayonnaise

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There are a great many takes on making your own mayonnaise, and they are all good. Usually I go with olive oil as opposed to other oils because, well, I just love the olive taste! And traditionally I would use lemon juice and add a touch of mustard, so feel free to make read more

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