Where do you get your pictures?

From the memory card of our itsy bitsy Canon PowerShot. (And in moments of desperation, an iPod.) Not to undermine it, but we do aspire to a greater camera one day. For the time being, however, our humble apparatus will have to do the job. But yes, the photos are all ours, so please ask first if you desire to use them in any way.

Where do you find your recipes?

Unless otherwise indicated, the recipes are the result of tastes good to me!‘s whim and fancy, and are original creations of kale. As such, please refrain from copy pasting to your own blog. If you wish to re-print an original tastes good to me! recipe, please ask. If, on the other hand, you would like to adapt the recipe with your own flairs and touches, be our guest! A nod to your inspiration in the form of our link would be much appreciated.

Where are you?

Indeed, we sometimes ask ourselves the same question. Kale is from Canada, Mat is from France. We met in Montreal, and have spent some time traveling abroad together. We lived in Ecuador for over two years before moving to New York state, and just over a year later wound up back where it all began (for Mat, that is!) in the Paris Region of la France.

Who designed your website?

Well that would be the work of Mathias Aubry. Husband of Kale, talented graphic artist and animator, computer-savvy, and patient, so very patient man who has the self-control to wait for his dinner until after it has been photographed from a thousand angles. He deserves much applause.

Interested in using his skills? You can contact him by email: espressographics@gmail.com

How can I contact you?

By all means, send me an email! kale@tastes-good-to-me.com

4 Responses to faq

  1. eric bowser says:

    good morning kaleigh i love you kaleigh how are you doing?
    be careful how you answer!! miss you muchly and enjoy your stories immensely. big hug for each other from me. thank you matt for being you and loving my little girl.

    • kale says:

      dad! I can’t believe you left a comment! and on the “faq” page… (?) hehe I’m happy you read and enjoy. hugs have been exchanged as you requested. 🙂

  2. Billy says:

    Aww, that’s super cute that your dad left a comment here. 🙂 Very cool.

    I just found your blog here and it looks great. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Billy

  3. sheri (saunders) shee says:

    Not sure if you remember me or not but we went to school together in Petty. Just saw your brother on facebook and thought of you. Great blog! How are things?

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