psst! over here, in france!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back.

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Some of you may remember my tale of the marinated feta where I admitted my struggle to make the same thing twice. Well let me tell you, these past 6 months, I have NOT had that problem. Roasted zucchini and tomatoes, guacamole and hummus with carrots, and quinoa salad became weekly, if not daily dishes we ate again and again. We were on a budget, we were busy with other things, we needed to eat and feel good and healthy but not be fussing. So that’s what we’ve been up to. Eating quinoa. (And cevichocho, a typical dish from Quito that I thought I didn’t like until I started making it myself all the time.) I’ll talk more about that dish another time. For now, I’d rather let you in on a few of the treats we’ve been enjoying in one of my favorite food countries, La France.

I can hardly believe that we have been in France for 4 weeks already. A month in France sounded like such a luxurious amount of time at first, but the truth is that for my husband, this is coming home. A month flies. But it has been truly recharging to be surrounded by family and friends who support us and love us. (And fill us with copious amounts of cheese and charcuterie and homemade bread and pastries and wine that tastes better than anything we’ve had out of a box in a long time! Not that that’s what we’re here for, primarily… Hmm? What? Who suggested that??) The truth is having in mind the idea that we had so much time, this was probably our least planned trip to France ever. And it just so happened that friends who on previous visits didn’t wish to overwhelm our schedules suddenly saw an opening, and WHOOSH! The invites poured in. It was kind of amazing. We are really not the assuming type, so to be extended such generosity has completely blown us away. Our agenda has become divided into afternoon meals and evening meals, and at each there is some special brew offered up as an apéritif, followed by a delicious meal, a cheese platter, dessert, and what I know as espresso but here is simply, un café. But how could we avoid putting on weight with so much dining, and in France of all places?

How shall we say…. We couldn’t.

But we are happy to have been fattened up by our fantastic friends who shared so much edible goodness the likes of which we haven’t enjoyed in well, 2 1/2 years to be precise! And we are especially happy for their company.

Even with such a charged schedule of eating visiting, we were able to carve out a few chunks of time for our own edible adventures in and around Paris. (And some no where near Paris!) First up? Le Camion Qui Fume.

le camion qui fume, paris

France’s first food truck cranks out incredibly straight forward, delicious burgers and fries. To know where they will be setting up shop on any given day, check their website.

It might sound horrendous that I came to Paris and jumped on the chance to eat a burger, but it needs to be stated that a) this food truck dishes out quality burgers, (David Lebovitz says so) and b) I have been watching the food truck craze from afar waiting for an opportunity to place my order! Food trucks came onto the Montreal scene after we’d left for Ecuador, and while “mobile dining” lines practically every street of Quito, it’s not quite the same thing. So where better to satisfy a craving for both a food truck and a darn good burger than Paris?

le camion qui fume, paris

We were with one of our close friends who was accommodating while skeptical. “You found this on an American’s website? Well, we will go find all the other tourists then!” (He’s half Italian, half French, so emphatic decisiveness is par for the course.) Once we saw the line of people (willing to stand out in the rain, I might add) and how efficiently it was moving along, we added ourselves to the eager throng and our friend perked up as he heard the chatter in front of and behind us. “But these are French people!”

le camion qui fume, paris

Mat and I decided to share a burger, since we knew early on that the bulk of our weight budget would be dedicated to cheese. We went for the “Barbecue”, featuring thick bacon, cheddar, a perfect onion ring and of course, bbq sauce. Our friend chose the “Campagne”, featuring wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, and aged Gruyère cheese. Both burgers came with a side of scrumptious fries.

barbecue burger from le camion qui fume

The meat was so well seasoned and perfectly cooked and the bun was pillowy and flavorful. In the interest of candor, our burger as a whole (or as two halves, I suppose) read a tad salty. And I love salt. But I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a burger that satisfying. And our friend, while struggling somewhat to find his way without a fork and a knife, was delighted by the flavor and the service. Le Camion Qui Fume won over two French natives that day!

Sure, the trip was mostly unplanned. But I still had my “to do” wish list…

le camion qui fume, paris

Order from a food truck – check.

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  1. Having burgers in Paris is definitely not crazy. When I went, I went to a Tex-mex restaurant (being from Texas, I was curious). If it won over two French natives, I will have to try Le Camion Qui Fume. Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh im so jealous that you live in france! the weight gain is totally worth it btw 😛

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